Transparent upfront pricing. No hidden fees. Easy payments.

What's included in our pricing?

We make the entire process simple and affordable, from system selection to installation.

We show you systems that are the perfect match for your home, providing the greatest comfort and highest efficiency. We factor in comfort needs, reduction in energy consumption, and lifetime value of your new system.

Our system calculates available rebates, tax credits, and discounts available for the selected system, ensuring that you always get the greatest value at the best price. Plus, we work directly with manufacturers to cut out additional costs.

We offer simple financing programs to make your purchase easy, convenient, and affordable.

We include full-service installation. Once you have built your system, you will have a brief consultation with one of our pros to ensure all technical measurements are correct to provide an easy, fast installation.

We only offer the best equipment, with the highest ratings and warranties. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that labor and parts are covered for years to come.

Our pros are with you every step of the way. Whether you have questions before or after your consultation, we are only a click away!

What payment options are available?

Our systems are affordable, so many customers opt to pay by credit card, but we also offer easy financing options with instant approval. At any time during your system builder, you have the option to apply for instant financing.

What rebates am
I eligible for?

Rebates may vary by region, as there are both federal and state rebate programs in place to upgrade to higher-efficiency equipment. We offer all available manufacturer's discounts and rebates, which vary by system. Some systems will also qualify for federal tax credits.

Start building your new system

Your comfort is a priority and PerfectMatch makes it easy to match a system that provides the greatest efficiency, reliability, comfort and value. We make smart decisions based on data, and without a middleman so our pricing is affordable and straightforward. Better systems for the environment, for your home, and your wallet.

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